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Mr.Mohab Metwaly

Mohab Metwaly is 25 years old from Egypt, He started his affiliate journey in 2012 before most of arab affiliates. He gained a huge amout of experince in every field related to affiliate marketing. In 2016 he managed to start an affiliate marketing agency and he made a kind of fourtune! . Now he changed his old project to AffSQuare and he is going through another journey to achieve more results with a preformance hustler team to improve marketing preformance not only in arab nation, but all over the world.

Mr.Abdullah Bamedhug

Our Co-Founder Mr.Abdullah from Yamen trusted Mr.Mohab in his project AffSQuare, He gave us the effort and passion needed to enrgize AffSQuare powers. Mr Abdullah is the operation manager in affsquare and with no doubt he pushed AffSQuare cycle many times. Now. AffSQuare is going steady thanks to the passion and effort mr.Abdullah did.


Our Main Process

As an Affiliate Network, We are looking Forward to setting the right arrangements to let affiliates and advertisers control their work with us , simply and rapidly.


Team work


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Our Team

We are here to develop marketing performance worldwide.

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